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NCR and Mike Hailwood have written one of the most exciting pages of motorcycling history. 

In 1974, Mike Hailwood had a terrible and almost career ending accident in Germany.

At Silverstone in 1977, Mike Hailwood met Steve Wynne from Sport Motor Cycles Ltd who let him try a new Ducati.



Hailwood recognized the potential of the Ducati 900SS so much that he decided to return to compete in the Tourist Trophy race at the Isle of Man the following year. 

The Ducati 900 NCR had approximately 87 Hp, somewhat less than the purpose built TT four cylinder factory Honda ridden by Phil Read.



The race went down in the history books right from the start as Mike Hailwood set a blistering pace surpassing the favored Phil Read on his factory Honda. Mike Hailwood won the race and won the hearts of racing fans all over the world. One week later, Mike Hailwood won the race at Mallory Park.

The legendary win, one of the most famous in history, ridden by Mike Hailwood  on a Ducati 900 NCR, also was Ducati's first world title.


NCR celebrates the 30th anniversary of the legendary win in 1978 : the NCR MIKE HAILWOOD* TT

Only 12 MIKE HAILWOOD* TT motorcycles will be produced. 

The NCR MIKE HAILWOOD will compte in the upcoming Tourist Trophy race at the Isle of Man in 2009 using unprecedented technology:



  • Titanium frame weighing only 5 Kg (11 lbs)
  • New NCR 1120cc race engine with a billet cransaft in superalloy producing 130 Hp at 8,700 RPM and 13.5 Kgm (98 ft-lb) or torque at 7,000 RPM
  • New NCR-EFI Euro 1 engine management system integrated with a AIM MXL Pista display and Lambda closed loop control
  • Carbon fiber bodywork with a new spin on historical colors
  • New MotoGP Ohlins FGR 900 Pressurized front fork with adjustable triple clamps
  • Carbon fiber wheels and full titanium exhaust system
  • Ultralight front fairing stay

Every NCR MIKE HAILWOOD* TT will be numbered and delivered at teh Tourist Trophy event in 2009. The motorcycle will also be raced at the event.

The NCR MIKE HAILWOOD* TT is officially endorsed by the Estate of Mike Hailwood M.B.E., G.M. and by the Isle of Man Department of Tourism and Leisure.

*A trademark of the Estate of Mike Hailwood. Used with permission. For more information about Mike Hailwood, please visit

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