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  Bologna, Italy. Every single NCR motorcycle is manufactured in a focused cell concept where each dream bike is customized to the customer's specifications.

This is how each motorcycle is made to strict customer specifications using the vast available options of NCR parts and know-how to turn the customer's motorcycle into a true passion that leads to the creation of jewel with an uncompromising attention to detail and technology.

The same technology used throughout many years of experience in extreme racing conditions in Formula 1 and MotoGP is used to create a jewel or work of art in exact detail. With this, NCR is able to provide the customer an unique experience that rewards the customer with a NCR pride of ownership of a legendary motorcycle.

By buying a NCR motorcycle, the customer will be entering into a rewarding experience where technology and personalized focused manufacturing is used to create a personal jewel based on a Ducati base that is extremely customized by NCR to enrich and improve the original Borgo Panigale product.



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