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NCR’s mission is to prove itself to the motorcycling market as a designer and manufacturer of very exclusive motorcycles that use the highest available technology and leading design to a knowledgeable and demanding customer.

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With the retirement of the founders at the end of 2001, the “POGGIPOLINI GROUP”, a world leader in the processing of exotic lightweight alloys as Titanium, Magnesium, Aluminium and special steels, who has established itself as a leading supplier of products and solutions for Formula1, MotoGP, Aeronautics and Marine industries, continues the NCR evolution and mission.

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As logical consequence, the bolognese team evolves the company from a one off dream bike producer to a manufacturer of exotic motorcycles. In early 2005, Stefano Poggipolini's dream of manufacturing motorcycles becomes a realty when the Italian Transportation Ministry gave NCR the certification as Firm authorized to manufactures motorcycles.

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The president Stefano Poggipolini changes NCR into a productive reality induced by his passion for the racings world. The goal is to manufacture exclusive bikes and to create a Research & Development Centre, where Design and Technology meets together. Technology and Innovation give a new image to NCR.

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So the first special-alloys, most of all Titanium, line of accessories start quickly; the step towards the supply of projects and motors is much quicker and now NCR offers complete bikes ready to use. All the products are offered to the customers only after extended tests on the race circuit. Thanks to the notable technology, to the consolidated know-how and to the unquestioned competences and experiences made available from the mother house, NCR in only two years (2002-2004) has been able to present two projects: MILLONA (now in production) and MACCHIA NERA (unique and extreme prototype). Imagine what the future will bring!


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