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The new NCR MILLONA ONE SHOT 2009 with the new 1200 NCR engine.
Power: 120 Hp at the rear wheel.


NCR CORSE (Race) pilot-customers will be able to even improve their results on the track, thanks to an even better power to weight ratio. In the ONE SHOT 2009 model it reaches the incredible figure of 116 HP for 125 Kg.



MILLONA aims at a specific market niche.
It is meant for those who can appreciate a unicum, a high-class article, for those who love owning art or particularly precious watches, but most of all it is meant for those who share a passion for mechanic and technique in their purest form, for race lovers who get on the track to race like their idols, who have Ducati and the “desmo” in their DNA: they are the Ducatisti.
MILLONA is the ideal bike to win on the track, to accompany you for a whole racing season, to obtain surprising results, but mostly to feel the sheer pleasure of driving it and the prestige of owning the undisputed best in the two-valves class.
Each MILLONA is entirely hand built, by NCR technicians, with utmost attention and care for the smallest detail and particular.
Each bike is numbered.

IThe 2009 Model Year sports important product news, regarding especially:



further improved thanks to the joint developments of NCR CORSE with Valter Bartolini in the 2006 racing season (6 victories in 7 races). The first relevant news is the Alu4.0 aluminum frame weighing 3.9 kg, which still reduces the bike weight and increases its technical value. This solution
proved its value on the track and so it is now available on the market. The second news is the NCR CORSE monoshock rear suspension with Ergal Alu7075 cylinder from billet, fully adjustable, developed during the 2006 race season and built by Mupo.



upon request it is possible to move from the 1100NCR to the 1200NCR with 121 HP, thanks to the pistons and cylinders kit, titanium connecting rods and valves, NCR CORSE cams kit and other special parts developed ad-hoc by NCR CORSE for Ducati 1000DS and 1100DS. NCR introduces a new clutch system built by Aptc and developed by NCR CORSE: the NCR CORSE custom slipper clutch by Aptc.



the exhaust system has been completely redesigned and built from scratch, going from the 2 in 1 version to the 2 - 1 - 2 version, standard equipment inox made in the S and R models and titanium made in the ONE SHOT model.




NCR offers the MILLONA 2009 M.Y. in three different versions:

  • NCR MILLONA, base configuration;
  • NCR MILLONA R, medium configuration;
  • NCR MILLONA ONE SHOT, complete configuration.


The MILLONA project has been completely fathered and developed by NCR, starting from the rapid prototyping, an advanced technology belonging to the POGGIPOLINI GROUP, which allows to get from the drawing board to the working prototypes (that can be tested and refined mechanically) of the bike's parts in the shortest time. The frame is made of Cr-Mo and has been developed by R&D NCR engineers. Aldo Drudi provided the design of the bike. The aluminum back swingarm is also completely hand built by NCR. All particulars have been thought of in the smallest
detail and only top-notch suppliers have been selected. The main foundation of NCR products is that of employing all the know-how and technological expertise of the POGGIPOLINI GROUP.
NCR managed to built the only, true, thrilling racing bike.

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