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Racers Tarlazzi, Loigo and Baroncini make it to the top of the Moto Sport class ranks thanks to the Ducati 250s improved by NCR. These are the first two-cylinder motorcycles from the Borgo Panigale factory tuned by NCR.

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Ducati 750NCR bikes with riders Cannellas and Grau win the Spanish endurance race at “24 horas del Montjuich” in 1973. NCR won this classic race again in 1975. This is the era of the two-cylinder “L” shaped Ducati engine, which will obtain victories, glory and fame thanks to NCR.

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1975- 1976

With riders Cannellas and Perugini, NCR wins the “1000 km del Mugello”, a 1,000 km long race which is part of the Endurance FIM cup. In 1976 Perugini teamed up with Ferrari, win the “Bol d’or di Misano”, confirming the winning potential of the NCR racing team.

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NCR and Ducati make history by winning the Isle of Man Race. Mike Hailwood wins the Formula 1 World Title in the Tourist Trophy on a Ducati 900NCR, prevailing over the official Honda team with rider Read.
This is an unforgettable victory that gave NCR recognition as the leading force by all Ducati tuners and Ducati itself as the Italian motorcycles capable of outperforming the famous official Honda team. The following week, Mike Hailwood won again, this time in Mellory Park, again over all the Japanese competitors.

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During these years NCR won the Endurance Spanish race “24 horas del Montjuich” five times. The winning riders on Ducati-NCR bikes were Mallol, Toledo, Grau, Garriga, De Juan and Cardus. These victories confirm again the racing capabilities and the supremacy of the NCR Racing Team.

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A new era begins

1988-1991: Part 1
Ducati introduces a new, revolutionary, motorcycle: Ducati 851. It has four valves per cylinder and it is water cooled. Power soon starts to soar and in 1988 the Superbike world championship is born. The Ducati 888, following the 851, is immediately tuned and brought to victory by the NCR Racing Team.

1988-1991: Part 2
NCR is Superbike World Champions Eraldo Ferracci gives his Ducati 888 Fast By Ferracci motorcycle to the NCR Racing Team to take part in the 1991 Superbike World Championship. The official pilot is Doug Polen, from Texas. This season will be remembered not only for the first Superbike World Championship won by NCR, but also and foremost for the many records achieved by the Texan rider. Winner of 17 races with an average of 33.4 out of 40 available points per race, he set the highest performance index in Superbike history: six time pole and victory in the same race, 7 consecutive wins, an unprecedented supremacy. These results further consolidate the combination Ducati - NCR, 24 years after the latter was born a Racing Team.

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NCR Racing Team still participates in the Superbike World Championship. In this period all the focus is on the racing aspects, under the leadership of the team manager Stefano Caracchi (the son of the founder Rino). During these 10 years NCR has always proved to be the best among private Ducati Racing Teams. Rookies and expert pilots have raced with the NCR Racing Team, obtaining placements and victories. Among the many we can mention the best known ones: : Borja, Bontempi, Xaus, Bostrom, Chili and Laconi. NCR continued to race at World Superbike stage.

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Novembre 2001

A new era begins for NCR. From race-derived evolution the company moves onto a complete evolution and revolution. In 2001, with the power of the Poggipolini family (owner of the Poggipolini Group) NCR now shifts the focus towards offering complete solutions
to customers all over the world. NCR becomes a true production company, with the goal of manufacturing exclusive motorcycles, powereb by fine-tuned Ducati engines, created by artisans but with all the leading edge technology and know-how of the Poggipolini Group. Since 1950 Poggipolini Group is leader in mechanical precision works for hi-end compartments, like automotive (Formula1), motorcycling (MotoGP) and aerospace.
Today hi-technology is the added value for NCR!

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Ottobre 2002

In Misano, Italy, debuts the first motorcycle branded NCR: 100ONE! Pier Francesco Chili took care of early testing and race track development. From the very fisrt moment the first bike, completely“made in NCR” was the talk of the day in the racing world because of the light weight of 130 Kg (286 lb).
Following its tradition, NCR’s philosophy is that of applying the most advanced technology to achieve the lightest possible weight. LIGHT WEIGHT as a mean to achieve a fun driving experience, reliability and hi performance.

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Novembre 2003

At the EICMA Fair in Milan (Salone del Ciclo e Motociclo) NCR introduces the “naked” prototype called MACCHIA NERA. Based on Superbike 998RS engine and Superbike geometries, it represents NCR in the world, showing how far it is capable of going when tuning Ducati production models. The result is this naked bike weighting 135 kg (297 lbs) with 185 HP, which enchanted (and still does!) all visitors and professionals.
MACCHIA NERA keeps participating in Concours d'Elegance (Style and elegance contest) and luxury shows around the world in Europe, USA and Japan, where it represent the perfect balance between hi-end technologies and hi-end craftsmanship which is at the base of NCR.
Besides MACCHIA NERA, NCR introduces the first catalogue of special parts and tuning.

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The 100ONE prototype enters pre-series production and debuts in the Supertwins Italian championship to take part in the last three races. The first official racer for the new NCR Racing Team is Gian Maria Liverani. Liverani, on a 100ONE Factory 04 wins two out of three races (in the third one he falls when he’s the race leader). The same year NCR and Liverani also win the Ducati Speed Week.
A very promising beginning for the new NCR model.

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This is the most important year to date for the new NCR. The MILLONA has its world debut on the racetrack of Vallelunga (Rome, Italy). MILLONA is the first bike completely designed, developed and built by NCR to enter production. It is introduced to both national and international press as the lightest weigh two-cylinder motorcycle in the world. It’s top version (MILLONA ONE SHOT) stops the scale at 120 kg (264 lbs)!
This alone is enough to make MILLONA the reference point for the two-valves category and so doesn’t come as a surprise that in the same year Paolo Bentivogli on a MILLONA Factory 05 wins both the Italian Supetwins and the Ducat Desmo Challenge Championships.
Each bike is built on demand only, under tailor made specifications and only to be used on the race track. MILLONA represents the whole emotional and technological soul of NCR.

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NCR CORSE Racing division is born.
NCR CORSE takes part in the most important Supertwins and Ducati Desmo Challenge competitions. Valter Bartolini on MILLONA Factory 06 wins seven out of eight races he takes part into; Alessio Aldrovandi wins one out of two.
These figures, and even more important the abysmal distance of the competitors at the finishing line (sometimes up to 21/31 seconds at the end of the race!) demonstrate the NCR MILLONA supremacy.

NCR CORSE is not only the official Racing Team, but it also represents its own “gentleman driver” customers. There are now 6 MILLONAs racing in Italian competitions and championships.

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March 2007

NCR wins at Daytona!"

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2007 NCR European Supertwins Champions!

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EICMA 2007: NCR presents LEGGERA.

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